At Doctors for Truth in Health Care, we believe that physicians and their patients should take the lead in health care decisions.

You should be able to trust that your doctor is giving you unbiased, expert advice. We believe that your concerns about your health and the cost of care should be your doctor’s top priority.

About Doctors for Truth in Health Care

We are doctors—independent physicians—who want patients to know the unvarnished truth about how the U.S. health care system works. Educated consumers are the keys to lowering costs and improving care for all Americans.  Read more.

Membership Benefits & Information

As a member of Doctors for Truth in Health Care, you’ll be armed with messages you can take to your community.  Through our direct contact with patients and as vocal leaders in medical practices, independent physicians can change our health care system—but we must work together to succeed. Read more.

Contact Us

Email: info@truthinhealthcare.org


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