Daniel P. Brennan, Board president

Dan Brennan is a health care blogger, with a 30-plus-year background as a writer/editor for AAA, Sverdrup Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, where he was vice president in Public Affairs.

Dr. David J. Scruby, Board member

David Scruby, MD, is a semi-retired occupational medicine doctor, who practiced in Indianapolis. Since 2012, he’s performed clinical work at OurHealth, a provider of onsite and near-site primary care clinics for businesses.  From 1983-2011, Dr. Scruby worked in Corporate Health Services at Eli Lilly and Co.  Previous to that, he was in a private practice in Zionsville, IN. Dr. Scruby did his residency in Family Practice at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.

Jan Vest, Board member

Jan Vest is CEO of Signature Medical Group, Inc. Jan has more than 20 years of executive leadership and operations management at medical practices in four states. He works as a medical practice consultant nationally, with a special interest in organizational development and business practice management.

John Marshall, Program Manager

John Marshall is a seasoned marketing/communications & government relations professional with 40+ years of experiences in a hospital, not-for-profit hospital system and a large multi-specialty physician practice.