Our core beliefsAbout Truth in Health Care it's time for change

Truth in Health Care is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing the unvarnished truth about how the U.S. health care system works.

Our primary concern is the high cost of health care.  U.S. health care today is, by far, the most expensive system in the world.  But with poor results.

At Partners for Truth in Health Care we believe that change is coming:

The current hospital-led structure of health care is unsustainable.

Large, urban hospital systems are getting bigger and bigger, some approaching monopoly status. They are dominating policy matters and reaping in profits. Our current system won’t be able to support the aging Americans’ need for health care.

Fostering transparency about how health care is provided and paid for is key.

If armed with accurate, impartial and timely information, patients will make decisions based on value and outcomes.  Educated consumers will demand improved care at a lower cost.

Physicians—especially independent physicians—are uniquely positioned to lead health care reform. 

Their expertise and experience make them the best advocates for a health care system centered on patients.  Doctors should be leading the way forward, not hospital executives or administrators.