Running a hospital is no game

Running a Hospital App is No Game | Truth in Health CareWe here at Truth in Health Care tend to criticize hospitals a lot—especially the behavior of hospital system executives and administrators. So, in a feeble attempt to walk a mile in a hospital administrator’s shoes, I decided the other day to download a new app called Operate Now: Hospital.

The free app simulates running a hospital. You are both surgeon and hospital manager. Your challenges are many: performing operations on patients, assembling a skilled medical team, managing a budget, adding new wings and capabilities to your facility—whatever it takes to make sure your hospital provides excellent care and stays afloat financially.

To keep you on your toes, the game inserts frequent dramatic storylines. Flashbacks appear, depicting previous episodes in your patient’s care, as well as previous moments in your own medical career. Difficult situations arise continually, complicating your decision-making.

So how’d I do? Sorry, I’m not telling. I will say I could have done without the graphically detailed surgeries I was expected to perform! But it was certainly eye-opening, and I’ve no doubt I have a better understanding of an obvious fact: running a hospital is not easy.

Gamers who review such things seem to like it. So if you love virtual reality, or if you’ve just got some time on your hands, give it try.

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