Are nonprofit hospitals making money from their tax exemptions?

Are nonprofit hospitals makeing money off their tax exemptions? | Truth in Health Care

More than 60 percent of the 5,500 hospitals in America are not-for-profit, including seven of the most profitable 10. For several years now, such jaw-dropping profits at many large, urban hospital systems have prompted hundreds of lawsuits from federal, state and local communities, challenging the hospitals’ tax-exempt status. While the…

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What nonprofit hospitals can do to ease the burden of high deductibles

When you have a health care system as complex as ours, you often find the law of unintended consequences operating freely. Lately, high-deductible health plans have been hogging the lion’s share of unintended consequences—they’ve been causing patients to forego necessary care. More recently, high deductibles are also causing an increase…

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Nonprofit hospital systems should be doing way more to tackle chronic disease

Every so often, a new medical study emerges with a conclusion so obvious that it prompts a nationwide “Duh.” That’s how I reacted when I read the American Health Policy Institute study concluding that “high-cost claimants” are the biggest driver of health care costs for many employers. What’s a high-cost…

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